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Film Scores

As a film score composer Ros has worked on range of international films, documentaries and more. Able to turn his hand to any genre, style or topic Ros’ ability to precisely follow a brief yet add imagination and life to a piece is a quality that sets him apart as a talented film score composer.

"Teddybear" (Sample)
Genre: Fantasy (Opening Credits)⏐ Style: Symphonic Orchestra & Female Choir
"I Am Charlie" (Sample)
Genre: Documentary ⏐ Style: Acoustic Guitar Ensemble
"Magical Voyage" (Sample)
Genre: Adventure ⏐Style: Symphonic Orchestra & Full Choir
"Paris Est Une Cible - Closing Credits" (Sample)
Genre: Documentary (Closing Credits) ⏐ Style: Solo Piano with Chamber Orchestra
"Region 66" (Sample)
Genre: Horror ⏐ Style: Orchestra & Male Choir
"Lil' Cho" (Sample)
Genre: Romance ⏐ Style: Chamber Orchestra, Piano & Electric Guitar
"Charlie Hebdo" (Sample)
Genre: Documentary ⏐ Style: World Music
Genre: Promotional Film ⏐ Style: Symphonic Orchestra, Female Choir & Solo Piano
"Fragmented Spirits" (Sample)
Genre: Drama⏐ Style: A Capella Choir
"Abyss" (Sample)
Genre: Adventure⏐ Style: Symphonic Orchestra & Full Choir
"Tango Rostale" (Sample)
Genre: Crime, Romance ⏐ Style: Ensemble
"Romance" for Violin and Orchestra (Sample)
Soloist: Alina Pinchas ⏐Conductor: Ros Gilman ⏐Schweizer Orchestra Frohnleiten
"Mother's House" (Sample)
Genre: Thriller ⏐ Style: Symphonic Orchestra