Inspired by Joan of Arc, 2D animated short film 'Johanne' follows a day in a life of the eponymous heroine.

Art Direction by Miles Aijala
Character Design by Emma Van Dam
Storyboard by Stelladia
Animation by Olga Chernova, Khatuna Tatuashvili, Juan Pontaroli
Additional Animation by Sergey Gordeev, Daria Pankeeva,Vardan Zakarya, Irina Sovolevskaya, Denis Garanin, Elena Pisarenko, Jun Fujiwara
Background Art by Miles Aijala
Sound Design by Louise Brown and Helen Miles
Music composed, orchestrated, produced and conductged by Ros Gilman
Performed by Emilia Martensson and F.A.M.E.'S. Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra
Original Song by Rogers and Hammerstein, synchronisation license reference: IK-SYN-645
Written, Composited, Edited, Directed and Produced by Anna-Ester Volozh

Notable Festival Official Selection:
SICAF Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival 2017 - Korea
Cartoons on the Bay 2017 - Italy
British Animation Film Festival 2017 - UK
Animfest Athens 2017 - Greece
Future Film Festvial 2017 - Italy
Animation Day in Cannes 2017 - France
Imaginaria Film Festival 2017 - Italy
Anibar Animation Festival 2017 - Serbia