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Johanne – London Premiere & British Animation Film Festival Success

Welcome back, music fans! It’s Ros Gilman here again, film music composer and orchestrator. Whether you’re an avid follower of the Johanne journey, joining me during its humble YouTube beginnings, or you’ve recently fallen upon the animation’s stunning soundtrack, it’s lovely to have you here.

During this short installment, together, we will enjoy Johanne’s success! See behind the scenes at the British Animation Film Festival, and Johanne’s premiere at London’s grand Empire Leicester Square cinema. 

Attend the Johanne Premiere at Empire Leicester Square London

The time to introduce Johanne to the world has finally arrived. And, where better to premiere this enchanting animation than at the Empire Leicester Square cinema, London. 

Of course, this provides the perfect opportunity look release a little more of the animation, with a 20-second clip, new to my YouTube channel. But also, we have the chance to speak with the astoundingly talented Johanne director, Anna-Ester Volozh.

Learn more of Johanne’s success at British short film festivals

Chatting with the coordinator of the British Animation Film Festival, one of the UK’s most prolific short film festivals, we realise the sheer enormity of our animation’s success.

From hundreds upon hundreds of globally animated short films, across myriad genres, we celebrate as Johanne achieves the 2017 'Audience Award for Best Music'. It truly has been an honour and a privilege.

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