Music Composing Tips: Variations Concept (Fresh Air Behind the Scenes)

 Music Composing Tips: Variations Concept (Fresh Air Behind the Scenes)

Are you in for another round of music composing tips? After taking you behind the score of my music for the short film Johanne, this time I'll be explaining music structure, specifically music structure of a song. Using the example of my recently released, American Songwriting Awards nominated song, Fresh Air , we'll talk about the 'Variations Concept' and I will give you some useful music composition tips and tricks every modern composer should know. If you are a songwriter or a music producer and are interested in finding out more about the art of music composition, then this video is for you! Take this music composition tutorial with me and let me help you become a better music composer today. Or if you are a music fan or an aspiring musician who wants to know how to write music, then this video is for you too!


Ros Gilman is an award-winning film composer, multi-nominated songwriter, conductor, orchestrator, music producer and director at Guiro Music Ltd. For collaboration inquiries please e-mail to info (at) rosgilman (dot) com.

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