Orchestral Soundtracks

A selection of symphonic orchestral scores, choir music and more.

"Teddybear - Opening Credits"
Genre: Fantasy (Symphonic Orchestra & Female Choir)
"Magical Voyage"
Genre: Adventure (Symphonic Orchestra & Full Choir)
"Paris Est Une Cible - Closing Credits"
Genre: Drama (Solo Piano with Chamber Orchestra)
"Lil' Cho"
Genre: Romance (Chamber Orchestra, Piano & Electric Guitar)
"Old Impressions" (Sample)
Genre: Sci-Fi (Orchestra & Synth)
"Climbing the Mountain"
Solo Piano, Symphonic Orchestra & Female Choir
"Fragmented Spirits - Closing Credits"
Genre: Drama (Mixed Choir)
Genre: Adventure (Symphonic Orchestra & Full Choir)
"Mother's House"
Genre: Thriller (Symphonic Orchestra)
"Romance" for Violin and Orchestra
Soloist: Alina Pinchas ⏐Conductor: Ros Gilman ⏐Schweizer Orchestra Frohnleiten
Genre:Horror (Symphonic Orchestra & Male Choir)