Part 1 / 6: Johanne - The Making of the Soundtrack

Music fans, welcome! I’m Ros Gilman, a film composer, violinist, and orchestrator. My work involves bringing emotions to film, enhancing stories with sound. Many of you have requested an inside look into how to compose music for film, and so I have compiled a six-part step-by-step guide to my profession.

Over the next few weeks, I will take you on a behind the scenes musical journey. This six-part series will demonstrate the making of a film soundtrack. Giving an inside glimpse into how a music arranger goes about composing music for film, we will uncover how I scored the award-winning animated short film, Johanne, directed by Anna-Ester Volozh.

Each week, one short video will be released to newsletter subscribers, detailing the next stage of the music production process. Together, we will travel from the initial steps of music composition through a thrilling crescendo, which concludes with a live orchestra recording.

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