Part 2 / 6: Johanne – Ros Gilman on composing music for film

Do you want to understand more about composing music for film? You’ve come to just the right place. I’m Ros Gilman, a film composer, orchestrator and music producer. I enhance stories with sound. Throughout the duration of this video, I will show you how to compose music for film, as I work on a new animation for 2017, Johanne, directed by Anna-Ester Volozh.

Johanne takes place around 200 years ago, in a small village. Johanne is a normal citizen, but also emerges as a warrior, the protector of her town. As she transforms, Johanne appears to lift weightlessly from the ground. In this instance, I demonstrate how music needed for film can and should follow character direction.

Composing Johanne’s transformation:

As a meticulous music arranger, I always begin the composition process by laying down the core melodic structure on the piano. The French horns, which follow, act as a robust base, from which I add the rest of the instrumentals to the piece. 
With foundational sounds established, I begin to play the part of a conductor, adding in myriad elements for rhythm and drive. As any violinist amongst us will know, this is the place in the score’s development for strings, but also percussion.
The final touches inject the magic into the moment. Here I turn to the whimsical woodwind group, incorporating flutes and clarinets, alongside the charming sound of the celeste and the harp. I also reveal a secret held by every orchestrator – the enchanting effect of wind chimes.

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