Part 3 / 3 - Ros Gilman at BFI London Film Festival

Here's the final episode of Ros' adventures as a film music composer at London Film Festival 2016. In this episode Ros interviewed young film directors and film producers and heard first-hand from some of the biggest players in the film music business. Music in film plays a huge role, so jump into the world of a film music composer and find out more about London Film Festival with Ros Gilman!

Hey guys, we are at Picture House Central
and you can see the beautiful view through the window
so, we've got Martine on my right
who is a cinematographer,
and Lefteris, who is a director and script supervisor.
And I'm gonna start with the lady.
So, I was just wondering, could you tell me about the festival?
How do you find it?
The festival is great because you get to see all those films,
which are not necessarily going to be widely released
and lots of first time directors and international films.
I saw a great Chilean film actually called...
Chameleon? Chameleon!
Oh my God! Yeah, with Gaston, Yes! Fantastic!
That was fantastic!
That was so good, I really liked that!
Gaston is in one of my videos also, from the other night!
Oh, no way! Yeah!
Lefteris, how about your experience with the festival?
It's been very good so far,
we watched three films a day basically
we're press and industry
what I love about the festival is that you can see everything
from independent films to foreign film to
wide releases like Hollywood films... everything.
different genres probably also
different genres, different types of film making.
Very cool
Thanks very much guys for your time!
For us what's exciting is the way we can now,
you can leave the cinema
and have immediate acces to that sort of music
whereas, we did go through a few year, where
In the physical sort of landscape it was difficult to find that soundtrack
or you had to go to specialist stores
or it had to be quite a major release to make the supermarkets
but now, we're in an exciting where we can really join the dots very quickly
and whether that's Bridget Jones' Baby or Swallows and Amazons
we now live in very exciting times.
This is my last day on the festival
and I have lost my voice as you can probably hear,
but it was a great experience, I'll do it again next year
and if you've enjoyed my little videos then
do subscribe, follow and like
and I'll try to make more for you guys
and hopefully that was an interesting insight into the life of a film maker!