Part 3 / 6: Johanne – Embracing Macedonian culture with composer Ros Gilman

Welcome, dedicated music fans! It’s Ros Gilman, once again, ready to divulge more details on the process of enhancing stories with sound. We have now reached the third instalment in the Johanne series, and so we begin to delve a little deeper into how to compose music for film.

In part three of our behind the scenes musical journey, I travel to Macedonia. Donning the hat of both a professional conductor and music producer, I work alongside the astounding Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra. It is at this stage of the soundtrack’s creation that we begin to bring in live elements, and the score truly begins to take over the senses.

Visit Skopje with Ros Gilman:
But before I begin work as an orchestrator, it is essential that we immerse ourselves in Macedonian culture. After all, music is the language of the soul, and so what better way to appreciate the sounds of the Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra, than to understand their way of life.

As I visit Skopje, we will stop and marvel at the regions stunning sites. This includes the incredible fountain monument of Alexander the Great on Bucephalus, located within Macedonia Square, the Skopie Fortress, and the celebrated Stone Bridge of the Vardar River.

There will, of course, be time to indulge in some traditional cuisine at Destan, where I will sample tavche gravche and other local specialities.

Join Ros Gilman for Part 4:
Join me next week, for part four of my behind the scenes series. We will see my Johanne score come to life, as we embark on an original orchestral recording session.

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