Part 4 / 6: Johanne – An original orchestral recording session with Ros Gilman (Preview)

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Hello again, subscribers. Ros Gilman here, travelling further into my behind the scenes musical journey through composing music for film. So far in the series, we have seen how I have sculpted and scored the melodic structure of a soundtrack for Johanne, a 2017 animation directed by Anna-Ester Volozh. 

An original orchestral recording in Skopje: 

In part four of six, we will revisit Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, to complete a live orchestral recording session with the remarkable Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra. Here we will witness the region’s most extraordinary musicians bring my orchestral score to life, as I embrace the role of orchestra conductor.

Joining forces for Johanne with Macedonia’s finest musicians:

As I work alongside these remarkable instrumentalists in the music recording studio, this marks significant progress for the Johanne soundtrack.The composition designed during the very first steps of the process, the potential, it is now realised. All of the elements we identify within part two now combine – a fusion of the finest sounds – strings, woodwind, brass, and percussion unite. Orchestrating the score’s lifts and falls as they overwhelm the room, truly, it is the most spectacular sensation.

Join Ros Gilman for Part 5:

Join me next week, for part five of my behind the scene series. We will learn a little more of what comes of the orchestra music, once the recording session is completed.

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