Part 5 / 6: Johanne – Mixing orchestral music with composer Ros Gilman (Preview)

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Hi, music fans. Ros Gilman, again. Welcome to part five of my behind the scenes series. We are almost at the end of our journey with the Johanne soundtrack. Yet, there are still some segments of the process to be revealed. I will address one of them today, as we work wonders with the orchestra music recorded in part four.

Orchestral mixing with film music composer, Ros Gilman:
We open this instalment of the series in familiar surroundings, the recording studio in Skopje, Macedonia. As each mixing engineer preps the area prior to the session, I wait in eager anticipation for the day to unfold. At the end of which, we will get our very first glimpse of how the soundtrack will sound when it is pieced perfectly together with visuals.

When you find a music producer who understands the emotion sound can bring to film, mixing orchestral music becomes somewhat of a fine art. Bar by bar, we amend, adjust, and accentuate areas of the score to fit seamlessly with Johanne’s story on screen. The tweaks I make during orchestral mixing are not only to balance sounds, but to also draw attention to specific aspects of the animation, enhancing viewer experience.

Join Ros Gilman for Part 6:
Join me next week, for part six of my behind the scenes series. In the final stages of composing music for film, I demonstrate how vocals add the finishing touch to the Johanne soundtrack.

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