Part 6 / 6: Johanne – The final touches, a vocal recording session with Ros Gilman (Preview)

 Hello again, music fans. Ros Gilman, here. Today, I bring your final instalment of my six-part behind the scenes series on how to compose music for film.

Over the last six weeks we have been on a wondrous musical journey, as I have revealed a step-by-step guide to my profession. Together, we have seen my initial core melodic structure transform into a fully orchestrated soundtrack for the captivating 2017 animation, Johanne, directed by Anna-Ester Volozh. Yet, there remains one vital element, so we may add the finishing touches to my original composition.

Recording vocal elements for Johanne:
In part six, I head back to the music recording studio, where I am joined by female jazz singer, Emilia Martensson. The Swedish vocalist performs a sensitive, quite sensational, rendition of ‘My Favourite Things’ – originally performed by Julie Andrews in the classic musical drama film, The Sound of Music.

Emilia’s remarkable vocals blend seamlessly with my score, performed by the outstanding musicians of the Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra. Placed upon Volozh’s beautiful animation, we witness the enhancement of Johanne’s magical transformation. We see how composing music for film can truly enhance the emotion of the story being told.

The end of the journey:
We have reached the end of my six-part behind the scenes series, in which we have uncovered every component in the making of the Johanne soundtrack.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey, and please stay connected. Whether you are hoping to find a music producer, or you simply share my love for music, follow me below, and subscribe to my YouTube channel. There is much, much more to come. Thank you.

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