Ros Gilman at Berlin International Film Festival - a Filmmaker's Perspective

The Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) is Europe's exhilarating cultural extravaganza designed to showcase ideas with a quality independent screen culture. Up-and-coming filmmakers, film directors, film producers, actors are applauded for their exceptional performances that they have portrayed throughout the year. Over 400 film screenings, around 300,000 sold tickets, more than 20,000 professional visitors from 122 countries, including 3,800 journalists are a part of this event. Art, glamour, parties and business are all inseparably linked at the Berlinale having a chance to commune with fellow filmmakers, supporters, media representatives and other professionals.

Ros Gilman, a film music composer, songwriter, conductor, orchestrator and music producer is a delegate at the 2017 Berlinale film festival. In this video diary, Ros shares his insights about his time at the glamorous festival, bringing you a filmmaker's perspective of this electrifying event.