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Tchaikovsky's Melodie Now on Spotify!

By popular demand, my latest release, P.I. Tchaikovsky's Melodie, is now coming to Spotify too!

As previously mentioned, this release is very close to my heart as it marks 15 years since I had to give up my violin career and therefore the last time I have professionally played the violin. And thanks to the remarkable feedback I received on this release, I have decided to release Tchaikovsky's Melodie on Spotify  as well, so ANYONE can listen to it. Therefore, allowing me to share this happy moment with as many people as possible and hopefully sharing some inspiration too.

I see this release as a message of never giving up on your dreams - and so I hope, while you listen to it, you will gain the power and inspiration necessary to follow your dreams too, no matter the current circumstances. Trust me, it's never too late and you've got this!