Top 5 Things to Do at the Cannes Film Festival

Top 5 Things to Do at the Cannes Film Festival

The films, the parties, the glamour. Probably one of the most famous red carpets in the world. And tons of networking opportunities for filmmakers. All that is the famous Cannes Film Festival.

In this vlog, I'm gonna take you behind the scenes of this glamorous film festival and tell you all about the festival passes and where to pick them up. I will walk you through the International Film Village, the best place to be for business opportunities, finding like-minded filmmakers or perhaps even a co-production partner. Parties are definitely part of the Cannes Film Festival experience as well, and I will tell you where to find more information about them and share some tips on how to get to one. Marché du film at the Palais is the main stage of the festival. It's here where all the screenings take place as well as films are sold by producers to distributors. And finally, no Cannes experience would be complete without the Gala Screenings (and the red carpet) which take place every night at 7pm & 10pm competing for the festival highest price Palme d'Ore.

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