Film Music Composer, Conductor and Orchestrator Ros Gilman

The Violinist

46e6bc33b65527dc85960d555ba46129.jpgNow multi-award-winning film music composer, multi-nominated songwriter, experienced orchestrator, conductor and music producer, Ros Gilman’s musical life began very early on. Ros was born in Moscow into a family of professional musicians. Starting out at the prestigious Gnessin School of Music for the musically gifted as a violinist, he also received tuition in piano, music theory and aural training. Growing up in Munich, Ros won multiple awards and performed as a soloist with orchestras like the Georgian Chamber Orchestra, chaired by star-violinist L. Issakadze, and continued violin studies at the Richard-Strauss Conservatoire and later at the David Oistrakh-Academy.

Ros moved to Vienna to study concert violin at the Konservatorium Wien and later at the world-famous University of Music and performing Arts, Vienna. Here Ros was taught by a number of internationally acclaimed violinists including D. Schwarzberg, H. Krebbers, R. Nodel, and A. Arenkow. It was here Ros founded his piano trio and the Fidelio-Quartet, performing concerts across the world, many of which were broadcast on TV and radio. With this ensemble he worked with outstanding musicians like M. Rostropovich, the Amadeus-Quartet, the Janacek-Quartet. Ros also became second leader of the European Philharmonic Orchestra and worked with noted conductors such as Y. Kreizberg and P. J. Marthe.

In 2004 Ros suffered a sudden hand-injury which forced him to give up his very promising violin career. It wasn't until 2019 that he was able to return to playing the violin. Later in 2019 Ros has released a violin recording of P.I. Tchaikovsky’s Melodie, marking 15 years since his last professional performance.

The Composer

Due to the hand injury while studying in Vienna Ros changed his professional focus from violin to composition. Only 8 months after entering the faculty he obtained his Bachelor´s degree with distinction and went on to study composition with award-winning Israeli music composer Prof. Dr. C. Czernowin, among many other notable teachers. Alongside classical composition, Ros studied Composition for Screen and Jazz Composition and Arrangement sparking his interest in becoming a film music composer.  His music has been premiered at renowned venues and performed by a number of established ensembles.

In late 2015 Ros was nominated for the “Crystal Pine Award” by the International Samobor Film Music Festival for “Best Original Score” for his work on Academy Award-qualifying short film “Teddybear”. In early 2016, Ros was selected to be part of 'BAFTA Guru Pro' and in 2017 became a member of "BAFTA Crew" - BAFTA's program for 'Emerging Talent'. In 2017, Ros received the Audience Award for Best Music at the "British Animation Film Festival". In 2018 he won Best Music Award at New York City's "Aphrodite Film Awards". As a TV and film music composer and music producer Ros has worked on TV documentaries, short films, advertisement commercials, TV shows and corporate films in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Austria, and Ireland.

The Conductor

Alongside his career as a music composer Ros began conducting studies with J. B. Matter (previously assistant to Maestro Pierre Boulez) and later with Prof. U. Lajovic at Vienna’s University of Music and Performing Arts. As a conductor he has worked with the Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra, Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Pro-Arte-Orchestra, Symphonisches Salonorchester Ingolstadt, Schweizerorchester Frohnleiten, Nouvelle Cuisine Big Band and others.

The Songwriter

0fa4ed7579aaf7f18a9348c53061dd3f.jpgRos continued his studies at the Royal College of Music London, where he studied Electroacoustic Composition, Songwriting and Jazz Arrangement. After completing his Master's Degree in composition, Ros expanded his area of work to include the genres of pop music alongside his work in the area of film. After classical vocal training with Prof. H. Dearing and U. Sych, Ros received vocal coaching from Austria's star-vocal-coach Monika Ballwein. As a songwriter, Ros’ song "Never Meant To" won an award at the Elaktro Popsong Contest and was featured in the 2014 film High Performance. In 2013 Ros was also invited to form part of the expert panel of judges at the Saitensprung Music Festival.

In late 2015, Ros’ song "Fantasies" competed against 7,000 others to be awarded two semi-finalist places at the UK Songwriting Contest. In 2016, Ros was nominated for the American Songwriting Awards in two categories (Dance and Easy Listening) simultaneously. And in early 2017 Ros's composition "Magical Journey" was nominated at the 'SongDoor International Songwriting Competition' in the instrumental category.

The Orchestrator

In early 2013 Ros started a close cooperation with renowned UK music composer Richard Blackford, has since orchestrated for the well-known Rosamunde-Pilcher TV features and participated in large-scale projects involving the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. As a film music composer and orchestrator Ros has created bespoke music for films like “Paris est une cible”, “The Promised Bride”, “Flying High”, “Occupied Hearts”, “Evita´s Revenge”, “Happy Go Lucky” and “Promises and Lies”. He's also been orchestrating for German TV series "Storm of Love" (German title: "Sturm der Liebe").

The Music Business

In 2015, Ros graduated from the ‘Managing a Music Business Enterprise’ Diploma course run by the Music Business School in conjunction with the London School of Sound. Shortly after, Ros was admitted into the business program of the London Small Business Centre, where he was mentored by former Sony BMG Marketing Director Jeff Gilbert. Ros also completed the MPA/MMF 'Professional Development Programme in Music Publishing' and holds various certificates in Marketing and Digital Marketing.