Here you will find a selection of the clients Ros has worked for throughout his career so far, as well as some of Ros' associations and memberships. The experience of working with such organisations and the knowledge acquired along the way have helped Ros become the music composer, producer and artist he is today.

France 5

France 5 is a public television network in France, part of the France Télévisions group. Principally featuring educational programming, the channel's motto is la chaîne de la connaissance et du savoir (the knowledge network).


ZDF are Germany's biggest TV broadcaster. Ros has been orchestrating the Rosanmunde Pilcher Films (popular prime-time features) since 2013, reaching five to seven million viewers regularly. A German series, filmed on the UK coast of Cornwall, but also aired in many European countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark and others. The series is so popular, it has even sparked so-called 'Pilcher tourism' in the Cornwall area.


ARTE is a European channel promoting programming in the areas of art and culture. Ros recently composed and produced the score for the outstanding prime-time documentary titled 'Paris est une cible'. The documentary focuses on the events caused by Islamic State, suicide bombings in the heart of Paris, and more notably at the Stade de France - the first attacks in which Islamic terrorists targeted civilians rather than symbolic institutions. 'Paris est une cible' was broadcast in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and other European countries.

Associations & Membership