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Throughout his career Ros has crossed paths with many music professionals. He has had the opportunity and the honor of working along side or collaborating with many as a music producer, composer, songwriter and musician. A selection of these artists and professionals have been kind enough to provide a short testimonial to attest to Ros' work and character.


Anna-Esther Volozh

Director, Owner of Dragonbee Animation Studio

I have had the pleasure of working with Ros on my latest film. Our schedule was very tight, while my standards as a director were especially high for that particular film. Ros showed an amazing level of professionalism as both composer and producer, delivering fantastic results on time. So I'm definitely looking forward to collaborating with Ros in the future!


Alasdair Mackay

Director, Writer

Music is such a key part of the story-telling process - it can make all the difference if it is on point, When working on my film "Motherhood", Ros worked incredibly hard to understand what the message was and then took complete responsibility for executing the score to the highest standard. He is an absolute pleasure to work with - talented, dedicated and alive with creative passion for his craft.


Alexander Mair

Director, Cinematographer

Every film production has it's unique challenges. For that reason I had to constantly change composers. Since Ros was extremely reliable after our second orchestral collaboration, I thought I would let him have a shot at a completely different genre - death metal. It was not until then that his genius became clear to me, and I now want to never miss him at any of my production again! I look forward to a mutual professional career a la Spielberg / Williams ! Thank you, Ros for your magnificent work ! Chapeau!


Heidi Ulmke

Film Producer

Over the past years, Ros has done the orchestrations for our 'Rosamunde Pilcher' television features, which to date are among the most popular films in German television history. Ros is a very creative, reliable and dedicated musician, who approached each of our films in a highly professional manner, always met our deadlines and consistently delivered excellent work. It's a pleasure working with Ros and we would strongly recommend him as a valuable member of any film or TV production team.


Stephan Kobrow

Music Publisher

I have worked with Ros on several occasions in my capacity as music publisher. Ros is a an experienced and highly talented film composer, who is committed to his work. His elite education and his background as a performing musician nicely complement his expertise in music production. Ros' friendly and social manner makes every collaboration a pleasure.


Clare Blacklock

Artist Manager

I am very pleased to be managing the career of the multi-talented and versatile composer, producer and conductor Ros Gilman. Since we began working together in May 2015, Ros continually impresses me with his professional approach to his craft and the consistent quality and originality of his music. Friendly and approachable in his attitude with a willingness to listen to the needs of the client, Ros’ talent is becoming sought after by film, television and ad companies worldwide.


Becca Sopher


I've had the privilege of knowing and working with Ros Gilman since 2013. His immense talent and musical expertise are only matched by his generosity and infectious energy. We've worked together on numerous occasions and he is among the most pleasant and professional individuals I've ever worked with. Unconditionally dedicated to his craft, Ros is a true perfectionist in every sense of the word. His unique musical sensibility and style are remarkable and truly a breathe of fresh air. I look forward to collaborating with him again in the near future.


Andreas Slavik

Composer, Music Producer

I have worked with Ros on various projects relating to music preperation. He is a fantastic orchestrator, extremely reliable and very accurate in his work. Ros is excellent in managing a project and is able to make positive suggestions in order to improve a project, if necessary. It's always a pleasure to work with him. Ros is also a very talented composer indeed.


Damian Press

Mixing & Mastering Engineer

I have had the pleasure of working creatively in projects with Ros Gilman. His abilities as a composer and songwriter made my mixing and mastering work a lot easier! Collaborating with Ros was always an effortless process and I look forward to working with him in th future!