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Ros Gilman | Film Music Composer & Musician

Ros is a professional film music composer, accomplished and passionate musician, songwriter, music producer, conductor and orchestrator. Embracing the world of music from a young age, enhanced by continual learning and development has allowed Ros to refine his skills and focus on a career as a film music composer. Creative, yet professional and reliable, Ros has a desire and dedication to create original and emotive music that can be enjoyed time and time again. Also creating music for TV and advertisements, attention to detail and excellence is always central to any work Ros puts his head and heart into. Working with outstanding and admired musicians and being no stranger to the stage himself, it has been a natural progression for Ros to also work hard composing and producing his own music releases; an exciting time following a few very busy years. During the last couple of years Ros has continued to add to his accolades and awards, reaching the semi-finals of the UK songwriting contest and achieving nominations for the Crystal Pine Award for “Best Original Score – Short” for Teddybear by the International Samobor Film Music Festival. Also, a feature within his career as a film music composer so far, Ros was recently selected for the BAFTA Guru programme for emerging new talent. A film, music, and all round entertainment enthusiast, Ros also has a love for travel, fitness and notably, education. Speaking four languages and with a dedication to reading and constant learning, there’s occasionally time for a trip to the museum, or to take in a classical concert.