Behind the Scenes & Live Performances

Watch a selection of Ros' live performances and 'Behind the Scenes' videos and find out more about his musical career so far.

Hidden City (Preview)

This two-track album also includes a piano only version and is a perfect choice for anyone looking for some soothing and relaxing piano music with epic arrangements.

Jingle Bells on Violin (Improvised)

Me and my dad got into the Christmas spirit and decided to record this quick live video to help you all get into the Christmas mood, too! (click for more)

P.I. Tchaikovsky - Melodie: Behind the Scenes (Preview)

Join Ros behind the scenes of his recording of P.I. Tchaikovsky's Melodie, where he talks about his violin career and how it feels to be back at the recording studio after a 15-year-long break from playing. (Click for more)

The Arrival (2/2) - Making of the Soundtrack

In part two of the "Making of" the short film soundtrack for The Arrival we go further behind the scenes of the music production Annetta and Joy talk about... (click for more)

Live at Porgy & Bess

Watch Ros conduct the reknown "Nuoivelle Cuisine Big Band" performing Ros' big band composition "Give Seven" live at... (Click for more)

Dialogue for String Quartet

Live recording from the famous "Konzerthaus Vienna" of Ros' work for String Quartet and live electronics performed by Ensemble Lux.

Never Meant To

Ros performs his prize-winning song "Never Meant To" live at Klub Ost in Vienna