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Enjoy a selection of Ros' live performances and radio interviews. Find out more about Ros and his musical career so far.

Ros was invited to the live radio show "Interviews with Bianca" aired on Adelaide based radio station "Wow FM 100.5", hosted by Bianca Vlahos. On the show, Ros talks about what it means to be a film composer and how film music affects the emotions of the viewers. To listen to the full interview click here

WowFM - Radio Show (Sample)

Ros came on the radio show "Kulturkanal", hosted by Conny Oberhofer and Dr. Isabella Kreim, aired on German radio station "Radio IN". Ros talks about his life as a former concert violinist, emerging film composer and co-founder of howto music. To listen to the full interview click here

"Kulturkanal" - Radio Show (Sample)

As a violinist Ros performed in many parts of the world. Listen to excperts of live radio performances on ABC radio (Australia), ORF radio (Austria) and Radio Kanal 1 (Bulgaria)

Live Radio Recordings - Compilation