46e6bc33b65527dc85960d555ba46129.jpgRos is a classically trained British-German composer, music producer, conductor and musician, educated at the University of Music, Vienna and the Royal College of Music, London. He holds a Master’s Degree in Composition for Film, a Bacherlor’s Degree in Classical Composition, a Diploma in Concert Violin and a Diploma in Music Business.

His work has received several awards and nominations, among others the Fimucinema Award at Fimucite, the Audience Award at British Animation Film Festival, the Movie Music Award at Garden State International Film Festival as well as nominations at International Sound and Film Music Festival, Jerry Goldsmith Awards et al. 

Ros’ composer credits include the HBO Original series Folklore (season 2, ep. Grandma’s Kiss), as well as two prime-time TV documentaries (ARTE, France 5), several TV show episodes (ORF, G4, Munchen TV) and over a dozen acclaimed short films. Ros started his career as an orchestrator, working on 7 primetime feature films for German public broadcast TV channel ZDF.

Ros's music has enjoyed great support on streaming platforms with 12 million streams and repeated editorial support from Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora as well as major radio stations (playlisting on BBC 4 Radio, BBC 3 Classic Radio, NDR Kultur Radio) and the press (BBC Music Magazine, Times Series). He regularly appears on podcasts and industry blogs as well as a speaker at expert panels (such as MCM London Comic Con).

Originally trained as a concert violinist Ros has performed on three continents as well as on national TV and radio (ABC Australia, Kanal 1 Bulgaria, O1 Austria). A hand injury abruptly ended his violin career and Ros shifted his focus to composing and conducting. As a conductor Ros has worked with the Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra, the Prague Metropolitan Orchestra and others.

Ros is the founder and managing director of London-based music production company and record label Guiro Music Ltd.