Enjoy a selection of radio shows and podcasts featuring interviews with Ros. Find out more about Ros and his musical career so far.

Ioan Dyer talks with Ros all about the creative process of composing music for screen and his latest release 'Dawn of Hope' - a new recording of the music originally written for a TV documentary 'Paris est une cible'. LIsten to the sample below.

The Film Show - GTFM 107.9 (Sample)

Hilary Robertson invited Ros on her Podcast to ask him all about his musical journey thus far, as well as what has he been doing during lockdown and what projects he'll be working on next. Listen to the short sample below or click to listen to the full show here.

Harmonious World Podcast - Episode #4 (Sample)

Derek Pritchard hosts his show on Maritime Radio 96.5 FM every Sunday from 4pm to 6pm. On this episode, Derek introduced his audience to "Dawn of Hope". Listen to a short sample of the show below.

Maritime Radio (Sample)

Broadcast live on North Herts Radio, Ros' recording of P.I. Tchaikovsky - 'Melodie' has been featured several times on the station's classical music show Rubato, hosted by Hilary Robertson. Listen to a short sample from December 8th 20019 show, or catch up with the entire show by clicking here.

Rubato - North Herts Radio (Sample)

Broadcast live on Resonance Radio 104.4 FM on 28th June 2019, Ros and the hosts of the 'Shoot the Breeze' show discussed all things film, film music and their favorite John Williams scores. To listen to the full show click here.

Shoot the Breeze - Resonance Radio 104.4 FM (Sample)

Listen to Ros as he co-hosts the Cinema Section of the Argentinian radio show "Emergentes Del Under" on Itel Radio 91.9. Broadcast on Sundays, the first show with Ros aired on March 17th, 2019 with a major part dedicated to him and his music.

Emergentes Del Under Radio Show

Broadcast live on Pride Radio 89.2fm on 14th October 2018, the show featured Ros' soundtrack for the British drama film 'The Arrival' and some more of his music is featured as well, namely a sample of his track 'Magical Voyage'. To listen to the full interview, click here.

Dave's Music Café - Pride Radio 89.2fm (Sample)

Ros was a guest on "Dave's Music Cafe" - a live show broadcasting on NE1FM 102.5 radio from Newcastle, UK. The show, hosted by Dave Ryan, aired 1st July 2018. On the show, Ros talks about his influences as a film composer and about the release of Debut EP 'Fantasies'. To listen to the full interview, which comes in at about 1h 15 mins of the show, click here.

NE1FM 102.5 Radio (Sample)

A music podcast, operating out of Washington DC and a 2018 PCA and Latin Podcast Award Nominee, where host Jaime Riera talks to musicians and anyone involved in the music industry. In Episode 47 of "Music In 2 Flavors" Jaime and Ros talk about the music business and it's importance in today's music industry. To listen to the full episode, click here.

Music In 2 Flavors Podcast (Sample)

Ros was invited to the live radio show "Interviews with Bianca" aired on Adelaide based radio station "Wow FM 100.5", hosted by Bianca Vlahos. On the show, Ros talks about what it means to be a film composer and how film music affects the emotions of the viewers. To listen to the full interview click here

WowFM 100.5 Radio (Sample)

Ros came on the radio show "Kulturkanal", hosted by Conny Oberhofer and Dr. Isabella Kreim, aired on German radio station "Radio IN 95.4". Ros talks about his life as a former concert violinist, emerging film composer and co-founder of howto music. To listen to the full interview click here

"Radio IN" 95.4 Radio (Sample)

As a violinist Ros performed in many parts of the world. Listen to excperts of live radio performances on ABC radio (Australia), ORF radio (Austria) and Radio Kanal 1 (Bulgaria).

Live Radio Recordings - Compilation